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In an increasingly digital world, you know that delivering an unparalleled customer experience is not a requirement, but rather a sustainable competitive differentiation. After all, “the customer is king!”

You deliver a superior customer experience when

You have identified and mapped your customer interactions and have taken an outside-in approach to fully automate those customer journeys

You can listen to your customers across channels and respond intuitively – customers love quick responses

Your customers can transact with you via their preferred communication channels, including various digital and in-person options – the choice stays with your customers

Your customers can seamlessly pause and revisit their interactions with your organization across departments – and your customers still get a consistent response

Your customers can have their queries/service requests addressed anytime, anywhere – who does not like that flexibility from a service provider

Your employees are empowered with contextual information, relevant to each customer interaction – this ensures a meaningful response to your customers

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Transform your customer experience with our products and industry-specific applications.
Customer Experience

Account Opening

  • Unified Platform for All Banking Products
  • Omnichannel and Personalized Onboarding Experience
  • Information Capture and Upload
  • Customer Verification and Risk Management
  • Activity Tracking and Monitoring
  • Seamless Integration with Third-party Systems
  • Customer Onboarding Activities

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Customer Experience


  • Retail lending
  • Commercial lending
  • Small business lending
  • SBA lending
  • SME lending
  • Mortgage lending

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Customer Experience

Trade Finance

  • Multi-channel trade process initiation
  • Straight-through processing
  • Loan limit availability check
  • Streamlined online operations
  • Cost reduction and scalability
  • Trade process monitoring and reporting

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Customer Experience

eGov Office

  • Streamlined file management
  • Automated query routing and processing
  • Collaborative learning and informed decision making
  • Committee and meeting follow-ups
  • Digital signature and barcode integration
  • Compliance with Manual of Office Procedures

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Customer Experience

Policy Administration and Servicing

  • Auto-ingestion of policy details
  • Parallel processing of policy requests
  • Automatic case classification
  • Policy servicing compliance
  • Personalized customer communications

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Customer Experience

Claims Processing

  • Smart case routing and allocation
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Policy information retrieval and verification
  • Rule-based algorithms
  • Thorough claim assessment
  • Monitoring and insights

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Customer Experience

Employee Onboarding

  • Omnichannel application sourcing
  • Contextual application processing
  • Dynamic application routing
  • Personalized communication
  • Configurable hiring dashboards
  • Hiring process transparency and tracking

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