Whitepaper: The Paradigm Shift From ECM to Content Services


The Paradigm Shift From ECM to Content Services

The traditional way of managing content—focused on paper-based documents and simple, linear workflows—is now outdated. Due to technological advancements and the sheer pervasiveness of digital, we are seeing a significant shift in the world of content management. From the way your customers engage with you, to the way your workforce functions and your entire organization operates, everything has been disruptively transformed. The time is just right to move on to a more modern way of managing content.


Download this whitepaper to discover the 10 ways the content management paradigm has shifted, and what you can do about it to stay ahead of the curve!

Key Highlights

  • ECM is passé. It’s time to move on to content services!
  • 10 tell-tale signs of the paradigm shift: From ECM to content services
  • Modernize your ECM with Newgen’s digital transformation platform
  • Newgen’s Contextual Content Services for today and the future

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