Case Study

World's Largest Political Party implements Newgen's Knowledge Management system

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The organization is acclaimed as the world’s largest political party on account of its primary membership and is also positioned as India’s largest political party*. While serving a diverse nation like India, the members generated a humongous amount of information on a daily basis leading to operational challenges. Thus, the organization realized the need for a robust system to streamline its document management processes and ensure better collaboration.

Operational hold-ups

With a view to reforming governance, ensuring standardized campaigns, and interacting with citizens, the party wanted to showcase and maintain a record of all its activities from public rally videos, Party President’s speeches, election campaign circulars to correspondences like Daks and notes. Manually managing these multiple content items from media, events, election campaigns and historical data produced across states was a massive challenge for party members. To access the right information at the right time was an ordeal, as locating and validating physical documents was a time-intensive process. Also, having a standardized and comprehensive view of party activities for various members/ ministers was a challenge. In order to have better visibility and knowledge sharing across the organization from the party President, Vice-Presidents, General-Secretaries, etc. the party realized that there was a need to implement a National Knowledge Management system.

Riding the transformational wave

In order to transform the party’s document and content management processes, they chose Newgen as their preferred partner. The organization deployed Newgen’s scalable and agile web-based Knowledge Management system (KMS). Newgen’s KMS is a platform-independent solution built on Java/J2EE technology. The system allows party members to easily access and share information anytime – anywhere across the country whether during a rally or an event. The party can now ensure standardized election campaigns across all states, districts, and villages with better knowledge sharing and collaboration.