Case Study

eGov Implementation at a Government Aviation Department

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About the Client

The client is a government department in a South Asian country, responsible for overseeing aviation. It acts as a regulatory body and plays an important role in maintaining and improving aviation safety standards in the country.

It wanted to create a paperless office and implement a comprehensive program to accelerate e- governance at all levels within the organization.

Major Bottlenecks Faced by the Client

  • Absence of an online repository for documents
  • Difficulty in search & retrieval of stored files
  • Low data security
  • High rate of errors due to manual and paper-based processes

Implementation Benefits

  • Minimized paperwork
  • Online centralized storage of documents for directorates
  • Quick and easy archival/retrieval of documents
  • Creation of a single access point for all data
  • Improved data security
  • Enhanced collaboration among directorates