Case Study

Digital Transformation of a Leading Indian Insurance Company

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The client is a leading Indian insurance company with more than 250 million customers and has been associated with Newgen for over a decade.

The client wanted to increase its operational efficiency and productivity by automating enterprise-wide processes, ensuring anytime, anywhere access to information and documents, enhancing customer experience with personalized communications, and offering mobile applications to its customers, agents, and employees.

Operational Bottlenecks

The organization faced difficulty in managing a large volume of paper-based records and needed an enterprise-wide document management solution with built-in workflow capabilities. Also, ensuring that the records were available to multiple users across departments, zonal offices, and divisional offices, was a cumbersome task. There was a lack of personalized and targeted communications due to the absence of a centralized communication system.

Furthermore, the organization realized the need to centralize the underwriting process and reduce the turnaround time for policy servicing and claims processing.

How Newgen Helped

The client chose Newgen’s three core products – intelligent process automation (BPM), contextual content services (ECM), and omnichannel customer engagement (CCM) along with the enterprise mobility framework.

  • Using Newgen’s BPM suite, the client automated its underwriting process. The solution enabled smarter decision making, automatic creation of rating sheets, seamless integration with the core insurance system, and centralized processing and
  • Newgen’s ECM suite enabled the company to create, capture, manage, deliver, and archive large volumes of documents across all offices. The solution facilitated anytime, anywhere access to policy documents for all customers. It effectively managed customer data, from creation/recording, storage, and retrieval to Additionally, the solution digitized the departmental files and critical administrative workflows for more than 25 departments across the central, 8 zonal, and 113 divisional offices.
  • With Newgen’s CCM suite, the company delivered personalized, targeted, and consistent customer communications across all touchpoints. It generated a huge volume of premium receipts, which were sent via SMS and emails to the