Personalize customer communications. Improve retention. Earn customer loyalty.

Being digital is about delivering the right message in the right context at the right time and through the right channel. Our OmniOMS CCM Suite helps you reinvent your customer experience through personalized, content-rich batch, interactive and on-demand communications. It is a unified communication platform that enables you to grow your share of customers’ wallet by tapping various cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities across touch points such as e-mail, SMS, web, and print.


Customer Communication Management - Communication Designer

Communication Designer

Easy-to-use, drag & drop composition designer

Design effective and personalized communications across platforms. Drive general/ marketing content, supported by galleries for templates, fonts & styles, and datasets.

Customer Communication Management - Communication Generation

Communication Generation

Controlled editable interface

Shorten document generation time and reduce errors with controlled permissions on user editing, and tracking redlined changes. Integrate with core systems for automatic data population from your business systems.

Customer Communication Management - Communication Distribution

Communication Distribution

Multi-channel and multi-format support

Disperse output generated in different formats across multiple channels . Track delivery status of each communication.

Customer Communication Management - Communication Monitoring

Communication Monitoring

Customer communication lifecycle management

Monitor customer communications at all stages of a customer lifecycle and across all communication channels, from request initiation, creation, generation to distribution.

Customer Communication Management - Communication Template Library

Communication Template Library

Central repository for all templates

Leverage our in-built templates to generate correspondences such as notice, contract, demand letter, statement, and others. Import your existing templates in word or PDF format and reuse them from comprehensive library or font style gallery.

Customer Communication Management -  -

Delight Customers

Deliver personalized and interactive communications to establish brand trust, boost conversion rates and enhance customer experiences

Customer Communication Management -  -

Better Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Opportunities

Gain maximum traction from each customer interaction. Roll-out communications based on customers’ likes, interests, preferences, buying and spending patterns

Customer Communication Management -  -

Enhance Customer Service/Retention

Enable customers to generate communications as and when they need it. Drive contextual interactions with customers through their preferred engagement channel.

Customer Communication Management -  -

Reduce Operational Costs

Streamline communications through end to-end automation and standardization and cut-down on your paper and postage costs

Customer Communication Management -  -

Maximize Return on Investment

Enable seamless integration with legacy systems and core enterprise applications, overcoming the challenge of overlapping technologies

How Newgen OmniOMS Customer Communication Management works
How Newgen OmniOMS Customer Communication Management works

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Customer Communication Management - The COO’s Role in Share of Wallet

The COO’s Role in Share of Wallet

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