Dynamic Case Management - Dynamic Case Management


Dynamic Case Management

Runtime Flexibility and Exception Management Capabilities to Manage Unstructured Processes

Dynamic Case Management -

Our OmniFlow iBPS platform offers Case Management capabilities to enable you to design and manage semi-structured & dynamic processes. These capabilities empower your knowledge workers to respond to real-time opportunities, and other unanticipated situations while maintaining the highest level of collaboration.

Leveraging the Case Management Framework, we have developed many industry specific solution accelerators such as Legal Case Management, Contract Management, Grievance Management, Customer On-boarding, Fraud Tracking and Monitoring and others. These accelerators are ready to deploy solutions that can be leveraged to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications, which are hardcoded and inflexible.


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Key Features

  • Dynamic process design and real-time routing & re-routing
  • Flexibility to execute discretionary tasks based on goals
  • Dynamic task creation to handle unprecedented situations
  • Global Task Library to configure new tasks
  • Suggested next actions based on past trends
  • Real-time case lifecycle visualization

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic Process Management
    Build and deploy processes that help manage semi-structured, unstructured, and unanticipated transactions in real-time
  • Smarter Decision-Making
    Resolve cases through suggested next best action and deploy the best possible solution by tapping into the tacit knowledge of individual case workers & analytics
  • Unprecedented Flexibility
    Gain flexibility to optimize outcomes for both highly structured and unstructured business processes
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