Communications for Member Engagement - Digitize Communications for Member Engagement


Digitize Communications for Member Engagement

Deliver timely, relevant, and personalized communications to members across multiple engagement channels.


Health Plans are dependent on impactful communication to keep members happily engaged. However, most communication fails due to four reasons namely, lack of personalization, incorrect channel, improper frequency of delivery, and incomplete/ absence of context. Moreover, Health Plans have to adhere to regulatory compliances, like Medicare Marketing Guidelines, while communicating with members.

We offer you a robust communication platform that will help you overcome all these challenges. Leveraging the platform, you can enrol, educate, engage, retain and acquire members at various stages of their involvement. Further, you can streamline your member communications and engage them better through back office, front office, and self-service by connecting disparate systems and applications.

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As communication is the backbone to effective member engagement, leverage our solution to deliver the right message to the right member at the right time with the right communication channel.

Composition Designer
The easy-to-use drag & drop tool enables component-based designing of communications for consistency, compliance, and standardization

Communication Scheduler
Pre-schedule designed communication(s). The scheduler allows you to put designed communications in queue, which can be processed by different stakeholders at the same time to deliver faster output

Version Management & Archival
Keep a track and control different versions of each communication. Track changes as per business needs and store and archive communications in a central repository for future audits

Secure Communication
Ensure secure document creation and its delivery. Adhere to compliances with HIPAA and CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines, thereby maintaining safety and standardization of operations

Multi-channel Delivery
Leverage the solution for multi-channel delivery of communications from digital to the traditional channels, such as emails, web, print, SMS, mobile, and others. Further, track and manage the non-receipt of communications

Personalized Member Communication
Empower your teams to create dynamic member communications. And, based on their existing behavior patterns, interests and preferences, you can send personalized content in real-time to help drive better engagement than generic messages

Compliance with Agility
You can abide by changing regulatory notices and maintain a coherent brand identity. You can send communications to a targeted set of users, whenever a healthcare transaction takes place or during a specific period of your members’ enrolment life cycle

Consistent Communication
You can extend member delight by maintaining consistency in all communication. By leveraging in-built template library from the branding perspective, you can pick the perfect font, place the logo, insert images and message lines, put e-signatures, etc. and send communications to members across multiple engagement channels

Centralized Communication
With centralized communication, you can reduce process overlapping and redundancy by a significant margin

Enhanced Control and Lesser IT Dependency
As the control of content, message and delivery medium is with the business department instead of IT, you can design your own templates and monitor member com­munications seamlessly

Member Centricity
You can easily navigate new patient-centric healthcare delivery paradigm. You can engage various members, keep them aware, informed and educated in a competitive marketplace


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