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Lending / Loan Origination

Stay future ready with Newgen’s scalable lending solutions that cater to every kind of loan, offering the much needed flexibility for integration, besides unifying front and back offices.


We have built our Loan Origination Solutions for consumer and business loans on our BPM, ECM and CCM products. Built on a Configurable Unified Platform, these solutions provide the requisite flexibility and adaptability to keep your financial institution future ready. You can use our scalable solutions to cater to all kinds of loans – Retail lending, C&I, CRE, SBA, SMB loan and others. Further, you can integrate with legacy and third party applications and ensure your financial institution stays compliant to regulations. Using our solutions, you can ensure unified processes by dismantling operational silos and unifying front and back offices.

Newgen solutions for lending / loan origination

Lending / Loan Origination - Retail / Consumer Lending

Retail / Consumer Lending

Automate consumer loan processes from end-to-end

Lending / Loan Origination - Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

Automate & streamline your commercial loan offerings

Lending / Loan Origination - Small & Medium Business Lending

Small & Medium Business Lending

Improve profitability by making lending scalable and efficient

Lending / Loan Origination - Small Business Administration Loans

Small Business Administration Loans

Ensure faster deployment and lower infrastructural cost

Lending / Loan Origination - Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending

Streamline mortgage lending process lifecycle

Whitepaper: Case for Automation in Commercial Lending

Learn how to leverage your existing technology investments through automation, using the right commercial lending platform.


Lending / Loan Origination - Newgen's Solution for Retail Loan Origination

Newgen's Solution for Retail Loan Origination

Ensure faster time-to-market with our ready-made solution accelerator for retail lending


Lending / Loan Origination - Newgen's Solution for Commercial Lending

Newgen's Solution for Commercial Lending

Automate and streamline your commercial lending process from end-to-end