Banking & Financial Services - Reinvent Banking with Newgen

Reinvent Banking with Newgen

Deep dive with us into the core challenges of the digital revolution that has swept the banking industry. Make your enterprise future-proof and transform the way you serve your customers.



Our solutions offer a unified configurable platform built on our products (ECM, BPM, and CCM) to cater to both consumer and commercial financial services. Our solutions help banks and credit unions streamline account opening, loan origination, trade finance, payments, and compliance & reporting processes. Using these solutions, the financial institutions can achieve a faster-go-to-market, stay on top of regulations, and unify front and back offices. Further, they help dismantle operational silos and integrate with legacy and third party applications.

These future-proof solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of your financial institution and are scalable enough to accommodate hundreds of processes with billions of transactions. Moreover, our solutions help your relationship managers by offering true mobility for on-the-go information access and entry. Not only does this help ensure accuracy of information, it also helps deliver contextual information to customers.

Newgen's Solutions for Financial Institutions and Credit Unions

Banking & Financial Services - Account Opening

Account Opening

Deliver a smooth & delightful onboarding experience to customers

Banking & Financial Services - Lending / Loan Origination

Lending / Loan Origination

Optimize lending processes for enhanced efficiency & faster disbursement

Banking & Financial Services - Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Ensure faster, accurate and centralized trade finance processes

Banking & Financial Services - Compliance & Reporting

Compliance & Reporting

Comply with complex & dynamic regulations faster and easily

Banking & Financial Services - Payments


Mitigate risk and reduce costs with timely and secure payments


Banking & Financial Services - Newgen's Solutions for Digital Transformation in Banking

Newgen's Solutions for Digital Transformation in Banking

Redefine the way your bank works by digitally transforming key banking processes.


Banking & Financial Services - Newgen's Solutions for Credit Unions

Newgen's Solutions for Credit Unions

Know how you can engage your members better and enhance market share & profitability by leveraging our solutions.


Banking & Financial Services - 5 Ways Credit Unions Can Transform Member Experience

5 Ways Credit Unions Can Transform Member Experience

Know about the five specific approaches that will help you be a step ahead of your members' exceptions.


Banking & Financial Services - Lending Solutions – Covenant Tracking & Monitoring

Lending Solutions – Covenant Tracking & Monitoring

Know how technology can help lenders pre-empt credit risks through proactive covenant tracking and monitoring.


How Financial Institutions can Accelerate Digital Transformation?

Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Alyson Clarke, shares insights on digitally transforming banking processes and helps you learn from leading banks around the world.


The Business Case for a New Generation Digital Lending Platform

Joel J. Pruis, Senior Director, Cornerstone Advisors, talks about how identifying & implementing an efficient digital lending platform can be a game changer.