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Let us empower your IT and non-IT employees with our purpose-built industry applications and our underlying low code digital automation platform.

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  - Agile Implementation

Leveraging our low code agile implementation methodology—a step-by-step process, we help you build an intelligent, connected, adaptive, and future-ready enterprise. Employees feel empowered in a modeling-driven environment, rapidly designing and developing end-to-end applications and processes. Your operations are streamlined reducing IT dependency, engaging with customers in multiple ways, ensuring regulatory compliance, and adapting quickly to dynamic business needs.

Agile Implementation

Stage 1: Understanding Business Needs

In the first stage of implementation, we:

  • Understand the nuances of your business, unique challenges impacting day-to-day operations, and expectations from the project
  • Compile artefacts from business users, including process data, documents, screenshots, etc.
  • Analyze the given information and document your goals and requirements

Capture all gathered information in our platform’s built-in Requirements Gathering section, and prepare a base process model

Agile Implementation

Stage 2: Collaborative Application Development

Based on the information gathered in stage one, we:

  • Build an application, in our low code development environment, in collaboration with your project team
  • Develop iterations of the application based on inputs received from the business user
  • Conduct a series of review workshops to ensure a high-quality implementation

Agile Implementation

Stage 3: Enhancements and Validations

After successfully developing and reviewing the application prototype, we:

  • Implement required changes to the application
  • Make enhancements to the application through configuration, customization, and integrations
  • Always stay within the confines of guardrails set by your IT team

Submit the application for validation, testing, and sign-off by your project team

Agile Implementation

Stage 4: Taking it Live

Once you have signed off on the application, we:

  • Set up and configure the application for production
  • Go-live and make the application available across your organization
  • Work with your team to document the outcomes of the project to compare with your original goals and requirements

Co-present to your management to demonstrate and celebrate implementation project success