Newgen Software, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management solutions, has released the latest version of OmniScan Web 2.0 which is an advanced distributed document management scanning solution for scalable high volume production environment which goes beyond content capture. It accelerates business processes by capturing information and transforming it into actionable business data. Information originating from paper and electronic documents can be effectively scanned and delivered to business applications such as ECM, BPM and ERP.

The latest version provides users with a dynamic tool which would optimize resources, save time, and boost operational proficiency of business workflows. The application streamlines the access to digital documents, derives document compliance and transforms organization’s data driven approach.

The new version speeds up the work by enabling users to rapidly react, put together all documents, deploy applications, and complete the task. This enables organizations to proliferate their growth into digitalization with powerful tools, capable of performing enterprise-wide functions smoothly.

“OmniScan Web 2.0 allows professionals to easily perform their tasks in a way compliant with organizational requirements encompassing pre-built accelerators and mechanisms,” said Diwakar Nigam, MD & CEO, Newgen Software. He added, “OmniScan Web 2.0 will enable enterprises to do resource optimization, faster document processing, high quality data output, along with mitigating information security and compliance risk.”

OmniScan Web 2.0, free from Java applet dependency, intensifies organizational effectiveness by expediting the three core areas of enterprise level information capture:

Scan – Captures information originating from multiple sources.

Digitize- Extracts data from the captured documents, analyses, classifies, validates, and ties to the right process.

Deliver – Integrates with applications ECM and BPM to ensure that information reaching these applications is relevant and of the highest quality.

This version offers broad spectrum of features including:

Intuitive User Interface: Includes Intuitive User Interface enabling the user to navigate easily through the application and access any available functionality.

PCI DSS compliance: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance for the security of the confidential information present on scanned documents.

Manual Separation of Documents: Documents can be separated whenever an exception arises logic during the verification. Furthermore, it enables associating document types if there are any documents un-attached or wrongly attached.

QR CODE Detection: QR CODE data for indexing and document separation can be extracted.

Export Service: Records processed can be exported to legacy applications automatically.

About Newgen:

Newgen Software Technologies Limited is global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management solutions with a global footprint of 1,300+ installations in over 61 countries. Newgen is accredited with large, mission-critical solutions deployed at the world’s leading banks, insurance firms, BPOs, healthcare organizations, government, telecom companies and shared service centres.