Newgen Software releases Record Management System (RMS) 2.6 for superior management of Physical as well as Electronic Records.

Organisations can now effortlessly garner the benefits of RMS 2.6 that manages content lifecycle from its creation to disposition. The system with capabilities for multichannel content capture, compliant physical and social records management, secured archival, version management and faster retrieval becomes a one stop solution for effective service delivery and public accountability.

“Traditional approaches and solutions for managing information are obsoletes and thus, the new and more intelligent approach is a pre-requisite for any enterprise to function proficiently. The new version of RMS is to manage the massive and growing volume of unstructured content within disconnected systems and repositories in an enterprise.” said Diwakar Nigam, MD & CEO, Newgen Software on the release of RMS 2.6.

Cohesive and scalable RMS 2.6 enhances overall transparency, regulatory compliance and corporate accountability and can be integrated across architectures and drastically reduce the turn-around time along with safe keeping and encrypting data.

Latest version of RMS 2.6 includes:

Configurable Alarms & Reminders: Lets alarms to be set on Fileplan, Class, File, Filepart, and Records. Notification with email will also be triggered to the selected users at the time of occurrence of an event.

Audio Video Record Management: Provides an enterprise-class, end-to-end audio/video content management and delivery platform to capture, manage, and deliver audio/ video to any hand held or desk based device.

Support for Data Security/PCI-DSS: Stores sensitive data in data class and global index fields. Sensitive data stored in encrypted form in cabinet/database can only be accessed by the authorized user.

Request Flow Changes: Record/Filepart request will be sent to the owner of the Box directly which contains the requested Records/Filepart.

OwnerType: Option to save the report for both Filepart and Record combined together. Also, provides ItemName filter to apply filters on either Filepart or Record.

Enhancement for enabling multiple open Fileparts: Allows multiple open Fileparts under a File.

Due Date and Filters in Destruction Processing and Purge Image/Purge Metadata: Along with Due Date column, Name, Data class and Due Date filters for result refining have been provided.

Furthermore, RMS 2.6 meets all the baseline requirements of United States Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 Standard for Records Management certification. Apart from that, RMS 2.6 is compatible with Postgres SQL Database, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, MSSQL 2016 & JDK 1.8 database. RMS 2.6 is designed to help business processes tailor the access and delivery of content as per the needs of a case or citizen demands across mediums.