The latest version, Intelligent Document Classifier 2.0, to enable faster document classification and improved accuracy

August 10, 2021: Newgen Software, a global provider of digital transformation platform, has announced the launch of Intelligent Document Classifier (IDC) 2.0, an upgraded version of its content classification and categorization software.

The latest version of the software, also part of Newgen’s industry-leading content services platform, uses a python-based web API that takes a document as an input and applies deep learning algorithms to classify the different pages of that document. The classification can be solely done based on the structural features, the textual features, the layout of the document, or by using any combination of these three models.

“Our upgraded version of intelligent document classification software allows businesses to process unstructured data, organize information, and accurately classify documents. It is powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning for smarter decision making, improved productivity, and enhanced customer experience,” said Diwakar Nigam, MD and Chairman, Newgen Software.

Key features of IDC 2.0 include:

  • New Model for Object-based Classification: Identifies target objects in the target image and determines the category of structured documents
  • Better Accuracy with Image- and Content-based Classification Models: Facilitates improved accuracy in both models. Image-based classification model provides upgrades of existing libraries to the latest versions and has added an advanced verification model for further improving accuracy. Content-based classification model performs analysis on headings and custom keywords in documents for more effective classification
  • Configurable Smart Model: Introduces a configurable model for flexible processing whereby model chaining (i.e., sequencing multiple models) and result aggregation (i.e., tweaking of each result model to achieve a final result) can be configured
  • Support for Additional File Format: Extends support for pdf, docx, and txt
  • Technical Enhancements: Facilitates effective management of admin module with CherryPy 18.6 server and extended product support for XML

IDC 2.0 is supported on operating systems Windows 2016/2019 enterprise server, database Mongo 4.x, and webserver CherryPy 18.6.

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