Technology is continuously advancing with the changing time and it is imperative for every living being, especially the future generation, to be abreast with the dynamic world. In this respect Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. has started ‘Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala’ as its core CSR Project.

Mr. Diwakar Nigam, Founder, Newgen Software Technologies, incepted the project with the vision of imparting knowledge and igniting young minds with Digital Education.

With ‘Newgen Digital Discovery Paathshala’ Newgen Software Technologies aims at enhancing the basic education through Digital Literacy and at the time developing personality of the children studying in the Government schools.

Government schools suffer from huge student-teacher ratio because of students are not able to grasp everything what the teacher teach. Thus, NDDP supports the Govt. School teachers in their teaching sessions, resulting in better academic performance of the students and developing a strong personality.

Currently, Newgen’s CSR has adopted a Government school and conducts sessions for Digital Discovery Paathshala with 6th and 7th grade students, covering 800 + students per week. The topics covered range from academics to personal hygiene. Thereby, the program not only helps in educating students through modern technology but also enhances their personality and empowers them with self-confidence at an early stage.

Digital Discovery Paathshala curriculum is based on the NCERT/CBSE books which are referred in the school along with visual aids, extracurricular activities, workshops, online assignments and presentations, in addition to the classroom teaching.

Each student is provided with a Tablet/I-Pad through which various subjects like Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, English, Computer Skills etc are taught.

Within due course of time, ‘Digital Discovery Paathshala’ is aiming to deliver more responsible and independent group of students having strong personality by empowering each child to become fit to survive in this changing world. Thus, building an educated nation with digitally – educated generation.