BFSI IT Summit

26th August

Jayant Tandon - Event: BFSI IT Summit

Jayant Tandon

Head of Banking Excellence

Newgen Software

Sunil Pandita - Event: BFSI IT Summit

Sunil Pandita

Head of India Business

Newgen Software

We are participating in the 11th edition of the BFSI IT Summit— the virtual conference, organized by Exito, that brings together top IT leaders from the BFSI sector, including senior IT leaders, CIOs, security officers, IT directors, and influencers involved in decision-making and implementing technology within their organizations.

Join us for a session on 26th August, 2021, at 4:30 p.m, to hear from Jayant Tandon, Head of Banking Excellence at Newgen Software, speak on “Accelerating Digital Banking with NewgenONE: The Low Code Way.” He will touch upon the digitization journey of the Indian banking landscape, the current digital lending scenario, and how Newgen’s digital banking solutions are enabling financial institutions across the globe to accelerate their digital initiatives.

Furthermore, gain insights into Newgen’s solutions for financial institutions—available on cloud and on-premises, and powered by cutting-edge technologies, such as robotic process automation, mobility, and more.

The event provides a platform for IT business leaders, influencers, and decision-makers to network and deep-dive into the BFSI sector challenges. They will also share their insights on the best practices to address them. The key focus will be on automation via RPA, digital customer experience, cybersecurity threats, and enhancing the customer journey.

Newgen Solutions for Financial Institutions:

  • Online Account Opening: Deliver a frictionless, personalized, and omnichannel customer onboarding experience.
  • Consumer and Commercial Lending: Ensure scalability to cater to all loan types and future-proof your enterprise
  • Trade Finance: Improve compliance and efficiency by automating and centralizing standard trade processes
  • Payments: Streamline your payment processes with new technologies to deliver a modern and seamless customer experience
  • Compliance and Reporting: Comply with regulatory requirements to mitigate risk and enable secure operations
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