It was a usual Friday night, we four friends, dinner and drinks, and thought-provoking discussions but something was amiss this time. Our friend ‘The-Corporate-Bigwig’ seemed a little jittered; worry wrinkles on his forehead were palpable. He was blowing hot and cold over an unsettling conversation he had with a premium customer earlier in the day. The customer was anything but happy; he complained that he was losing out on crucial information due to lack or delay in communication!

My friend’s concern of losing customer over communication is legitimate. Today, when cut-throat competition exists in every sector and every industry, the need for an integrated communication platform to ensure profitability of your business is evident.

Why the Commotion over Communication?

In this world of chaos, companies large or small are turning to Customer Communication Management for sanctuary. In these challenging times, while the external customers of a business expect it to be interactive and real-time, the internal customer wants information to be available on various platforms at just a click.

Say it Right, Each Time!

Customer Communication Management empowers organization with the ability to strategize for improved creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of both inbound and outbound communications. The vitality of CCM as one of the core competencies of any enterprise cannot be discounted, since it facilitates direct contact with customer, regardless of the industry or sector involved. It not only allows businesses to converge customer data from multiple channels– inbound communication, CRM, operations, and marketing but also allows multiple delivery channels for the information. CCM allows interactions to be divided into structured, interactive, and on-demand communications.

Today, whether it is a large scale MNC conglomerate or a startup, the need of having a robust Customer Communication Management System is undeniable. Some of the drivers for CCM are :

  • Cost, Cost, Cost – Today, most organizations around the world are struggling to communicate rightly with their customers. Organizations often are too set in their old ways and fail to realize their ineffectiveness. The cost of this ineptness is not just operational and financial but also results in flawed relationship with customers. CCM enables businesses to reach customers through their preferred channel and deliver accurate information.
  • Et tu, Competitor – The reality of today’s world is that there is not much difference between the products of two competitors, which makes the customers. CCM helps businesses in optimizing and personalizing their customer communications, thus, distinguishing them from their competitors.
  • Customer is Closer – The distance between customer and organization has immensely decreased. Now, customers interact with businesses over traditional means like telephone & walk-ins, and also via modern channels like social media, text message, and emails. By not reacting to new ways in which consumers communicate, enterprises are running the risk of losing their customers. CCM enables organizations to ensure contemporary yet standardized communications.
  • Need for Context – Organizations need the ability to interact with customers in real-time and offer standardized customer experience across multiple channels. With CCM, they can drive contextual interactions – with the right person, at the right time, for the right reason, and utilising existing customer information.


Now my friend can breathe easy. Customer Communication Management has enabled him to effectively communicate content in context. CCM is the salt to your pepper; it enables your business to stay agile and yet compliant, it increases communication effectiveness while decreasing operational cost. And the icing ? A happy customer!