It’s said first impressions are the most lasting. And, my recent dining experience exemplified this old saying. With over 20 places to choose from on a buzzing Saturday night, we went for the one which presented us with a delectable menu and a welcoming reception.

Well, this is the case with most of the customers. They end up purchasing by judging the book by its cover. If you are a bank, health plan or any otherservice provider, how do you ensure that your first impression lasts long?

Are you ready?

For service providers like banks, telecom providers, health plans etc. – customer on-boarding is the first stage where they can make their customer interaction count. Thus, it is vital for organizations to ensure a smooth on-boarding experience and leverage the maximum from their customer relationships.

Your first-right move can help you gain access to a lot of information about the customer. And, this information forms basis of your strategy to cross-sell and up-sell during customer lifecycle. Also, with nearly 70% of cross-sell opportunities occurring within first 90 days of customer on-boarding, it presents a strong case for enhancing customer on-boarding.

Make a lasting impression

Customer on-boarding is a complex process, it involves multiple processes such as collecting information from multiple channels, entering gathered information into systems, validating data, meeting regulatory norms etc. But amidst all this you tend to forget your customer. Do you inform them about their application status? Do they know what’s happening with their information?

Effective and timely communications are the key for a long lasting customer relationship. Businesses need to create an effective customer communication strategy which helps create a lasting impression.

Today, good customer experience is no more a differentiator but a basic expectation. In order to create a difference, you need to reach out to customers effectively and engage them contextually at every possible touch point.

Bridging the communication gap

To manage customer communications there is a need for a robust platform which allows you to reach customers at the right time, at the right place and through the right channel. With a centralized communication platform like CCM, organizations can bridge this communication gap by engaging customers at every stage of their lifecycle especially during the on-boarding process and capitalize on various cross-sell opportunities.

How does CCM help?

  • Integrates with CRM and other on-boarding systems and retrieves customer data
  • Delivers timely communications to customers through their preferred channel
  • Ensures consistent messages across multiple engagement channels
  • Personalizes communications for effective cross-selling.
  • Generated interactive communications to engage customers and provides rich content
  • Manages high volume workloads
  • Creates standardized templatesfor brand consistency

With Customer Communication Management as part of your strategy make an impactful first move and deliver an enriching customer experience. So, engage your customers right from their on-boarding stage, reach out to them across multiple channels – print, email, mobile or social media and make your presence felt.

So, leverage CCM and make your first move Count!