Evolving digital transformation has allowed consumers to interact with their insurance organizations through various channels. Insurance companies earlier had limited means for customer interaction and engagement. The customer interactions were usually in the form of general Renewal Notices and Policy documents which were not personalized. Most of the customers seldom think about their insurance service provider until their renewal notice arrives.

Gone are the days, when policy holders would call or visit an insurance agent in person to get information or to update their. Now customers want a personalized experience at every possible touch point whether it is policy documents, renewal notices or self-service portals. Insurance service providers need to rethink the way they communicate with their customers. Organizations need to create a strong customer engagement process that takes care of all the outbound communications with the capability to deliver personalized and targeted communications to the customers.

A sophisticated Customer Communication Management(CCM) platform should provide:

Self service platform

Customer today wants convenience at their doorstep, so that they can avail services anytime and anywhere. A company web portal alone as a means of communication doesn’t serve the purpose. Customer wants to be reached out through new modes of communication like a mobile device app that can show them their policy details, coverage amount, maturity date etc. They might even want to pay the premium amount through their mobile application and expect the application to keep a track of all the engagements. Customer is constantly looking for more, if they could download or receive a pdf document that allows them to renew their policy or raise a dispute?

Self service platforms should be optimized for web and mobile interactions. Operational costs can be drastically reduced if the customer moves to the self service platform and carries out transaction through it.

360o customer view

Customer Communication Management platform should be integrated with policy admin system, claims management system, marketing department and other applications so that a comprehensive customer profile is built and targeted communications are sent to the customer.

Ability to view customer profile, transactions, purchases etc. allows insurance organizations to understand customer in a better way and send out relevant and personalized communications to them at the right time using the preferred delivery channel. With data being continuously analyzed, insurance organizations will be able to send personalized messages over web, emails and even on social media.

Redefining customer experience

Organizations today have the most powerful marketing tool in the form of transactional documents that goes out to the customer on regular basis. The need is to utilize the blank space on these documents and send out personalized and targeted content to the customers based on their needs and spending patterns. The more relevant the message with the customer demographics, a much better impact it will have on the customer as they would be able to relate more with it.

With self-service and highly interactive interface, customers are more likely to stay with the brand in future and act as brand advocates.

Customer communication management platform should be able to offer a single solution that allows IT, business and marketing teams of an organization to design and generate graphical rich communications that convey the targeted message through the right channel. This in turn leads to enhanced customer experience and creates loyal customers.