With consumerization driving employees and customers to leverage smart devices to interact and work, there has seen significant demands to rethink strategies around content access, interaction and sync and share. The growth of repositories, both on-premises and in the cloud has led to the expectations that users will be able to leverage content from multiple sources seamlessly. Moreover the trend in the ECM market clearly indicates that world of cloud and in premise content management is converging.

The gap between consumer content management and ECM is diminishing thus making content available to users anytime, anywhere and on any device. This enables users to easily coauthor documents, share it with business partners and customers. Synchronize their devices for their content which will include content from multiple systems while adhering to enterprise security needs. ECM architects are combining taxonomies, federation, rules and analytics to leverage content and deliver context based content view to make help workers, teams and departments more effective.

Additionally Enterprise Architects and leads should focus more on user Engagement and better user experience for delivering Easy Content Management.