The insurance sector is one of the most competitive ones and continues to face a multitude of challenges. Dwindling customer loyalty, delayed claims processing, error-prone underwriting, siloed processes, and inefficient fraud management pose major roadblocks for insurance companies. These rising challenges and disruptive technologies have made it very important for insurers to devise new strategies and integrate the right solutions.

As stated by McKinsey, for insurers, technology and the operation teams should function as an interdisciplinary pod, designed to organize the complete customer journey rather than focus on individual transactions.

Here are a few insurance functions that require a digital face-lift:

1. Claims processing

The claims process is an important yet complex aspect for insurers. Insurance leaders should prioritize automating the end-to-end claims customer journey to increase transparency and efficiency in the claim settlement process.

2. Policy underwriting and servicing

Underwriting has been a key focus area for insurers to improve the speed and accuracy of processing policies. The right underlying technology can help eliminate errors, reduce turnaround times, and fast-track policy underwriting and servicing.

3. Customer onboarding

An important part of the onboarding process is the verification of customers seeking to purchase insurance products. A modern customer onboarding solution can digitize end-to-end onboarding and offer a seamless experience. It can also decrease onboarding costs, increase conversion rates, and improve customer experience.

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