Whitepaper: Blue Print for Smart City Development


Blue Print for Smart City Development

Mass migration from rural to urban areas, is a challenge most cities face in present times. To cope with the pressures we need smart cities that have their systems, citizens, processes and devices well-connected.

Rampant urbanization massively affects the quality of life and governments see smart cities as a way to counter these challenges. Smart cities, aim for sustainable economic development, efficient utilization of natural resources, and citizen participation in governance. Through their massive utilization of Information Technology and Communication devices, smart cities allow direct communication between the administration and citizens. The challenges arising out of process-centricity in the cities and information management is streamlined with BPM, ECM frameworks to deliver citizen-centric services. Read this whitepaper to know how our smart city blueprint integrates BPM and ECM with IOT Devices, new age technologies and legacy applications to overcome the following hurdles:

  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Process-centric challenges
  • Documentation management
  • Tracking benefits disbursed during services
  • e-Service delivery channels
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