Optimizing Commercial Lending Process

Joel J. Pruis - Webinar: Optimizing Commercial Lending Process

Joel J. Pruis

Senior Director


Ashish Deshmukh - Webinar: Optimizing Commercial Lending Process

Ashish Deshmukh

Head - Banking and Financial Services

Newgen Software Inc

As you know, quick disbursement of commercial loans ensures that your assets begin accruing revenues quickly. Furthermore, it translates into faster time-to-market for your clients/members and, improved customer/member satisfaction for your bank. Optimizing your commercial lending process, will not only enable you to reduce lending cycle-times but also facilitate sound credit decisions and better documentation.

This webinar features a learning session where Joel J. Pruis from Cornerstone shares real-world approaches to automating the commercial lending process and the best practices for credit unions and medium-sized banks.

Following this, Ashish Deshmukh from Newgen explains how Newgen’s on-demand solution for commercial lending automation can help you accelerate loan approvals, mitigate credit risks, and deliver more responsive customer service.

  • Gain insights from domain experts on how to optimize your Commercial Lending process
  • Learn real-world approaches to commercial lending, and best practices for Credit Unions and mid-sized banks
  • Learn about how you can apply an outsourcing or hosted infrastructure model to your organization
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