Loan Origination in a Flash

Anastasios Sgouros  - Webinar: Loan Origination in a Flash

Anastasios Sgouros

Solutions & Implementation Manager

Uni Systems SMSA

Vassilis Psychogios  - Webinar: Loan Origination in a Flash

Vassilis Psychogios

Banking Sales & Business Development Manager

Uni Systems SMSA

Varun Ghai  - Webinar: Loan Origination in a Flash

Varun Ghai

Head Business Consulting


The changing customer expectations, evolving market dynamics, and upcoming technologies indicate the need for rapid adjustments in the loan origination process.

Digitization is the answer to deal with a dynamic business environment. And, banks need to adopt digital to achieve more with fewer resources and keep their customers content.

Uni Systems and Newgen Software join forces to present a one-stop solution that automates loan origination process through a secure low code platform, which enables faster time to market, offers comprehensive capabilities, and facilitates integration with legacy systems across multiple channels.

Watch this webinar recording featuring Varun Ghai, Head Business Consulting EU, Newgen Software, Anastasios Sgouros, Solutions & Implementation Manager, Uni Systems SMSA and Vassilis Psychogios, Banking Sales & Business Development Manager, Uni Systems SMSA. The presenters cover a range of topics, sharing insights into Newgen’s low code digital automation platform, the roadmap to a successful digital loan origination solution, and case studies.


  • Why Uni Systems and Newgen?
  • The need for digital and and agile solutions
  • Key capabilities required in a low code platform for successful deployment of the loan origination process and for faster time to market
  • Case studies
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