Hyperautomate With Digital Automation Platform

Anurag Shah - Webinar: Hyperautomate With Digital Automation Platform

Anurag Shah

AVP, Digital Solutions Head

Newgen Software Inc.

In this webinar, Newgen discusses the implementation of their artificial intelligence software apps in all types of business operations. To start things off, the head of Digital Solutions at Newgen, Anurag Shah, led with a breakdown of how hyperautomation technology took the helm as a leading strategy for organizations.

Automation tools are time-tested methods for improving workflow and streamlining business processes. However, coupled with the desire to provide a stellar, no-code customer experience, a growing company must quickly find ways to garner high-caliber experiences throughout all levels of the company.

Hyperautomation addresses this need. With its unmatched digital transformation tools at your fingertips, this robotic process automation delivers superior real-time experiences and eliminates time-consuming hang-ups in all areas of your business.

Newgen has emerged as an outstanding provider of digital process automation, content services, machine learning advanced technologies, and customer communication management across the globe.

For more information, join the Newgen team in a recorded webinar that unpacks why hyperautomation technology is imperative and how you can achieve it with a low-code digital automation platform.

Webinar Agenda- The Benefits of Hyperautomation:

  • Why optimize by hyperautomation?
  • The Three Key Challenges in Hyperautomation
  • Making Hyperautomation Happen with Digital Platform Algorithms
  • Q&A

You can also learn more by visiting Newgen’s What is Hyperautomation page.

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