BPM for Banking

Embark on a journey towards operational excellence - centralization, automation & beyond

December 11, 2019| 11:00 AM (Nigeria time) / 3:30 PM (India Time)

Webinar: BPM for Banking - Cheryl McKinnon - BINDESH PANDEY
Regional Head, Africa
Newgen Software

Regional Head, Africa
Newgen Software

Webinar: BPM for Banking -  - BUNMI OLUFEKO
Head, Service Assurance
Union Bank of Nigeria

Head, Service Assurance
Union Bank of Nigeria

Banks have ended up with a hotchpotch of multiple systems and subsystems over time. And, broken processes cannot deliver great customer experience, which is a fundamental expectation. The workforce needs the right tools and seamless processes to accomplish their tasks. And not just that, business leaders, like you, need a long-term solution that can keep you on the cutting edge of digital advancement.

But, how?

Business leaders can boost workforce productivity by 50% by taking a holistic view of processes, running in the backend. With optimized processes in place, turnaround times become shorter and operational costs get reduced by 8-10%. Business benefits, like these and more, make the idea of the centralized back office, a no-brainer.

Where’s the gap?

It’s the execution where organizations often falter and end up with partial centralization, limited scope of back office optimization, broken processes – all leading to slower processes and dissatisfied customers.

Join the joint webinar, featuring Mr. Bindesh Pandey & Mr. Bunmi Olufeko sharing valuable insights on ingredients of a successful back office automation initiative – from technology & functional standpoint. Further, get to know about Union Bank’s journey from completely decentralized operations to a centralized process.

Key takeaways for the attendees

  • Why is back-office the ‘big elephant in the room’?
  • Discover the secret ingredients behind successful back office automation
  • Pitfalls to watch out for
  • The transformation journey of Union Bank of Nigeria