Uncertainties in European Insurance Industry – In conversation with Oliwia Berdak, Forrester Research Inc

In this exclusive interview, Oliwia Berdak, Senior Analyst, Forrester Inc., shares her valuable insight on how the insurance industry is going through a major digital transformation. With the mass adoption of digital technology, and owing to power in hands of customers, the insurance industry, too, is stepping up its game. The major focus is toward keeping up with customers, mitigating risk, and reinventing the business.

As Digital has challenged the status-quo in all possible ways, during the fifteen minutes of video footage, Varun Ghai, Head Business Consulting, Financial Services, Newgen Software Technologies (UK) Limited discusses diversified aspects of the industry. Varying from the recent changes in the insurance landscape to the meaning of digital disruption, and the reaction of the industry to top priorities for CDOs, Oliwia explains it all.