Credit offer in less than a minute on Newgen's automation platform

In conversation with Netherlands-based Qander Consumer Finance's CEO, CFO, and Solution Architect

About the Customer 

Qander Consumer Finance has been a leader in the Dutch consumer finance market since 1996, offering a wide range of consumer finance products and serving over 90,000 active customers.

Why Watch the Video

In this video, Qander’s CEO, Willem Bommeljé, CFO, Hurwen Dekkers, and Solutions Architect, Camille Appeldoorn, discuss the challenges the company was facing due to the legacy origination system. Further, it highlights how working with Newgen, as a technology partner, helped Qander revolutionize operations—specifically by implementing the custom created Qander origination system (QOS)—and increased efficiency and innovation through digitization and automation.

The Newgen Advantage

The Qander Consumer Finance team explains how partnering with Newgen has enabled them to:

  • Digitize the end-to-end application process and provide credit offer in less than a minute
  • Minimize cost per application by 35%
  • Reduce printing costs by 90%
  • Increase loan volume by 30%