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Brochure: Robotic Process Management for Insurance


Robotic Process Management for Insurance

The highly competitive insurance industry is replete with time-consuming, routine, and repetitive tasks which contribute ...

Brochure: Newgen Commercial Loan Origination Software


Newgen Commercial Loan Origination Software

Modern financial institutions are adapting to the demands of an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable business ...

Brochure: Legal Case Management


Legal Case Management

Relying on conventional paper-based processes for managing legal cases can prove to be challenging for ...

Brochure: Employee Recruitment and Onboarding


Employee Recruitment and Onboarding

Organizations with structured and standardized recruitment and onboarding programs drive better candidate engagement and experience. ...

Brochure: Newgen Digital Automation Platform


Newgen Digital Automation Platform

Newgen's low code digital automation platform integrates various capabilities needed to build business applications across ...

Brochure: Newgen Dynamic Case Management


Newgen Dynamic Case Management

In the modern business landscape, organizations, like yours, are constantly faced with unanticipated scenarios and ...

Brochure: Digital Transformation in Insurance


Digital Transformation in Insurance

To cater to customers' dynamic needs and the growing demand for remote and touchless operations, ...

Brochure: Employee Offboarding Software


Employee Offboarding Software

The Newgen Employee Offboarding Software optimizes your complete offboarding process and empowers your business users ...

Brochure: Newgen Application for Vendor Onboarding


Newgen Application for Vendor Onboarding

Strategic vendor onboarding is crucial, determining your relationship with vendors in the long run. However, ...

Brochure: Employee Management


Employee Management

Employees are a company's greatest asset. Organizations must enhance their existing technologies to stay current ...

Brochure: Financial Statement Close Process


Financial Statement Close Process

Newgen Financial Statement Close Process Application empowers CFOs and group controllers with a holistic view ...

Brochure: Bid Management Software


Bid Management Software

The bid management process is paper-heavy and involves a lot of physical document processing. In ...

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