Newsletter: RPA as Transformative Technology – The Role of BPM


Robotic Process Automation

RPA as Transformative Technology: The Role of BPM

Organizations are at different levels of RPA adoption, from PoC and Pilot to multiple departments rollout. However, as the number of bots increases, business leaders find it difficult to manage an army of bots. Enterprises are geared up for human workers, but they do not have remedial actions for machine workers a.k.a bots.

To address process challenges, business leaders must understand that several factors affect the success rate of RPA initiatives. RPA projects, just like any other major enterprise initiative, need to be backed by a clear strategy and good governance. In this newsletter, Newgen and UiPath collaboratively share insights on how the duo, RPA & BPM, in tandem can turn out to be fruitful for an organization.

Here’s a quick sneak-peek into the broad topics covered in the newsletter:

  • Putting the process back in RPA
  • Four-step approach to build & strengthen RPA ecosystem
  • How RPA & BPM are complementary approaches to drive success across the enterprise
  • Critical factors for a successful RPA implementation
  • Interesting use cases of RPA across industries
  • A premium research report by Gartner – Automation: Providing a Team of ‘Virtual Workers’