Newsletter: Building a Connected Enterprise


Building A Connected Enterprise

Reinvent with digital platforms powered by BPM

The imperatives of today’s digital business are to deliver customer delight, be responsive to every change and make business happen anytime, anywhere. Digital platforms powered by BPM can help you build a digital enterprise and create value from it.

This newsletter shares insights into the “7 Effective ways to go digital with BPM”. Digital with BPM means to be ‘Connected’. A Connected Enterprise is an integrated approach to create new value chains by connecting otherwise disparate parts of an enterprise and its partner and customer ecosystem. It also features a premium research report from Gartner- A Digital Business Technology Platform is Fundamental to Scaling Digital Business.


  • Digital Platform for a Connected Enterprise
  • 7 Effective Ways to go Digital with BPM
  • Harness Digital Sensing, RPA, and Mobility with BPM
  • Case Study: Transformation of a Leading Bank into a Digital Enterprise
  • Case Study: Enhanced Customer Experience in Healthcare with BPM
  • Case Study: Effective Child and Family Services with BPM