eBook: Migrating to a Modern Provider Contracting Solution


Migrating to a Modern Provider Contracting Solution

Look beyond the Emptoris sunset.

Provider contract management is imperative to the business performance of a health plan. Different departments such as contracting, credentialing, servicing and configuration, all of them deal with extensive information to be operationally active. Thus, Health Plans need to continuously look for opportunities to improve their systems and processes. Amidst all of this, when Health Plans know that many legacy systems and alternatives are nearing the end of their lifetime (or, subject to the sunset of the solution: Emptoris, for instance), they must migrate to a modern & superior solution.

Download the eBook to learn about: 

  • Significance of contracts between Health Plans and Providers
  • Contract migration imperatives and guidelines
  • How a superior contracting solution will provide impetus for better business performance in future
  • 10 capabilities and areas that you must consider when migrating to a new provider contract management solution