eBook: Digital – Do or Do Not, There’s no Try!


Digital: Do or Do Not, There’s no Try!

Newgen Guideline for Iconic Digital Leadership

Building Iconic brands, like the cult and epic, take a combination of intent, ability and know-how. As Digital stares in the face, there’s no scope for falling short. How do you build an iconic digital leadership for your organization?

It’s the land of Oz!

…well, at least, figuratively.

 It’s the land of Digital. Traditional ways of doing business are passé. It’s almost as if a tornado has blown everyone out of Kansas, er… their comfort zones.

What can you do? Yoda said: “Do or do not. there’s no try!” In this case, ironically, “Do not” is not an option any more. Digital is imperative.

The only question is “How?”.