Case Study

One of the fastest growing states in India goes paperless and fosters efficient administration

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With a view to realizing the dream of a Digital India, the government of one of the fastest-growing states in India wanted to transform its operations. The state government realized the need to automate and streamline its various processes across geographically dispersed departments. The organization then searched for a technology partner to automate its day-to-day functions at all levels of the administrative hierarchy and foster efficient governance.

The need to transform administrative services

The state government faced the daunting task of managing 24 districts, collaborating with 20 state agencies, and various other departments. With such a huge number of government officials working manually in silos, it resulted in human errors and a slowing down of processes.
In an endeavor to digitally empower its officials, better manage the volume and types of documents, the state government realized the need for an electronic office. Thus, the state government on-boarded Newgen, owing to its experience of working with leading government institutions and departments, to streamline its key operations and facilitate efficient administration.

Goals of the Project

  • Streamline operations and achieve an electronic office
  • Enhance collaboration across the government’s 31 departments, 5 commissionaires, 24 districts and 20 state agencies
  • Transform administrative processes – Correspondence management, Grievance management, Knowledge management, Committee & meeting management, and others
  • 360-degree visibility across processes
  • Better tracking and monitoring capabilities