Case Study

Newgen CCM Solution Implementation for Leading Bank in India

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The bank is among the first of the new-generation private-sector banks granted licenses in the mid-nineties to drive the process of reform in the banking sector. During this tenure, the bank has progressed in the areas of technology-supported processes, cost-efficient, and customer-friendly banking systems. The success path has not only been in Corporate and Wholesale Banking but also in Retail Banking.

Apart from the Corporate, Wholesale, and Retail banking, the other broad lines of business include Treasury and Foreign Exchange, Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/High Net-worth Individual (HNI) Banking, and Information Technology (through a subsidiary). The bank provides multi-channel facilities including ATMs, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, Multi-city Banking, and International Debit Cards.

The Challenge

The bank wanted to intensify its customer relationship management process and needed an output management system to make delivery of statements and customer correspondence easier and more effective. In effect to this, the bank needed an end-to-end solution from a single vendor which would remove the extra hassle of coordinating with external implementation partners. In addition to this, the bank faced the following challenges:

  • Consolidation of Information from Multiple Source into Single Customer Statements
  • Enforcing Branding Guidelines
  • Multiple Cycle of Customer Statements
  • Archival of historical Customer Statement
  • Tracking of Returned Mail
  • Enhancing Customer Experience

The Newgen Solution

The bank chose Newgen’s Customer Communication Management System (OMS) to make their customer communication more customized and platform agnostic. Newgen faced competition from a slew of international vendors but was selected on the basis of its customized offering and efficient implementation track record. Newgen Customer Communication Management System (OMS) is a one-stop solution for managing enterprise output in a seamless, cost-effective manner. The solution impacts a business’ top-line and bottom-line and allows for quick and effective communication with customers. The focus is on enhancing customer loyalty, protecting revenue and ensuring long-term customer relationships, and driving cross-selling and up-selling initiatives..