Case Study: New York Based Community Bank Transforms Its Commercial Loan Origination


New York Based Community Bank Transforms its Commercial Loan Origination

Get this case study to understand how Newgen’s Solution aligned with the Bank’s overarching vision of delivering premium services and enhanced customer experience.

The Bank was on a growth trajectory and wanted to efficiently manage the growing volume of its Commercial and Industrial, Commercial Real Estate and Small Business Administration loan applications. The Client was facing challenges such as siloed and unstructured processes, inaccessible information residing in legacy systems, loan application tracking and monitoring issues and more. To overcome these barriers, to growth and to deliver quality services to its customers, the bank decided to automate its loan origination and on-boarded Newgen.

Key Benefits achieved by Customer:

  • End-to-end automation with comprehensive reporting application monitoring
  • Increased customer auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Improved First-Time-Right Practice
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Enhanced Customer experience
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