Leading Insurance Company in Cyprus Automates Multiple Processes Using Newgen Solutions

Download this case study to understand how Newgen automated and streamlined the client’s Claim Process, Assessment Process, and Renewal Notice Process.

The client is a leading insurance company in the Cyprus Insurance Industry. The client wanted to centralize its business operations to gain economies of scale. However, operational bottlenecks and IT hindrances were a major pain point in their aggressive expansion plan. Their major business concerns included lack of process visibility, management of physical documents, complex compliances, and high process cycle time among others. The client partnered with Newgen to transform its processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs by 75%
  •  Improved compliance and quality by 99%
  • Ability to create and maintain claims in bulk (up to 3000 claims can be created at a time)
  • Easy audit and tracking