Case Study

A Leading Australian Government Agency Breathes Easy with Newgen’s EDRMS

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The client is responsible for managing residential tenancy bonds, involving – receipt, registration, and repayment of residential bonds in Victoria, Australia. This firm is a single interface for tenants, landlords, and agents. It is also a statutory authority of the Government of Victoria, administered within the Department of Justice.

The Challenges

The client required a solution to migrate the entire registry system on one platform to handle Lodgment, Claims and Payments. The client also required a single interface for its staff, agents, landlords and tenants. Some other key concerns of the client were as follows:

  • Outsourcing – Outsourcing the physical storage of the documents and records to reduce costs
  • Service-level Agreement – The client was in need of an automated system that would provide a platform for them to achieve Service Level Agreements
  • Migration – The data was not in an appropriate format. So data had to be filtered and cleaned before migration
  • Timelines – The System had to go live within a short span (4 Months) of time
  • Certification – The client wanted VERS (Victorian Electronic Records Strategy) certified RMS

Newgen Solution

To overcome the challenges faced by the client Newgen proposed a solution comprising its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite – OmniDocsTM, Business Process Management (BPM) suite – OmniFlowTM, and bulk scanning tool – OmniScanTM. Newgen also deployed its Record Management System – RMS for efficient management of records.
Newgens proposed solution was designed to enable the outsourcing of bond processing to the offsite location at Bangaluru where 40+ data entry operators worked offsite during Victorian Office hours. In case of any issues, while processing these forms, the data entry operators route the work item to the employees where they recommend actions based on the transactions. As part of the recommendation process, employees have a dashboard that displays the history of bond transactions and appropriate recommended action.
The solution was also integrated with the SEC website portal and users were provided with right-based access. Newgen also migrated all data from the old system to ensure the availability of the requisite data on the new system. The proposed solution also met regulatory requirements and compliance mandates (VERS Compliant Solution).