Case Study

Fortune 500 Medical Technology Company Transforms its Customer Journey Using Newgen’s Low Code Process Automation Platform

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The organization, headquartered in the United States, has been transforming the healthcare landscape and enhancing the delivery of care for over a century. With a strong geographic presence across 50 countries, the company plays a key role in reducing healthcare delivery costs, increasing efficiencies, improving healthcare safety, and expanding access to health.

The Scenario

The company’s customers include hospitals, health agencies, clinical and research laboratories, academic and government institutions. With operations spread across various geographic locations, the organization relied on various business systems to carry out transactions for its customers. They realized that their customers throughout their journey had to interact via multiple touchpoints across the organization, resulting in diminished customer experience. Further, with limited access to the customer information, it was difficult for employees to know the customer’s context and interact with them. And, low transparency across processes and a lack of collaborative tools added to the challenge.

How did Newgen’s Platform help?

The organization realized that in order to drive customer centricity, they needed to transform their processes. They made a strategic decision to centralize and orchestrate their processes with a dedicated focus on user experience. For this, the organization on-boarded Newgen- a Leader in the Forrester Wave Digital Process Automation and Enterprise Transactional Content Services reports* as their technology partner.

Leveraging Newgen’s BPM platform- OmniFlow iBPS, the company automated and standardized their processes, reducing the number of touchpoints for a customer. Further, they connected their customer-facing channels with the backend systems to enable an omnichannel and cross-channel experience. The implementation has facilitated the organization to:

  • Gain visibility across processes – The company connected their front-end and back-end processes leveraging the orchestration capabilities of the platform. This has enabled a seamless flow of information across the organization and has empowered users with the right contextual information at the right time
  • Enhance customer experience – With a single, centralized process orchestration platform, the organization streamlined its processes. This has helped them gain better control over processes, reduce the number of touchpoints, meet customer expectations and deliver an enriched customer experience
  • Empower users – By automating mundane tasks leveraging RPA capabilities of Newgen OmniFlow iBPS, the organization empowered the users to perform more constructive tasks and focus on customers
  • Reduce cycle time – With operational insights and digitized process steps, the company has reduced its turnaround time and improved adherence to timelines