Case Study: Digital Customer Application Form Management

Case Study

Digital Customer Application Form Management

Download this case study to know how Newgen’s Solutions- OmniCapture, Customer Application Form Management System (CAFMS), and OmniDocs addressed the client’s needs.

The client is a leading industrial conglomerate in India and has emerged as one of the frontline companies in the Telecom sector. With a customer base of over 30 million during their launch, the company needed to access these customer forms from their outlets spread across the country. Therefore, they were looking to acquire an imaging solution, which could archive, retrieve and maintain customer-related forms/documents in a robust and secure manner. The client on-boarded Newgen to tackle this challenge.

Benefits Acquired:

  • Easy storage and maintenance of huge image database
  • Reduced the query processing time drastically
  • Enhanced productivity with automated indexing using OMR/OCR extraction

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