Case Study

A Leading Riyadh-based Bank Delivers Effective Customer Communication with Newgen’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

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The Riyadh-based bank is one of the biggest and most acclaimed in the Kingdom. Established over 60 years back, the client is present in the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia.
The client was looking for a solution to automate communication generation within business processes and core banking systems (CBS).

Challenges Faced by the Organization

The client was facing a delay in the generation and delivery of customer communication documents. Lack of an automated system made it difficult for tellers to generate communications directly from business applications and CBS.

The manual process for designing communication templates prolonged the process. Further, the designing of Arabic and English language on the same document was a challenge.

Separate documents had to be created to cater to different people, leading to higher printing costs.

Benefits of the Implementation

  • Faster document generation within the CBS without having to switch applications
  • Easier template designing, helping business users design over 300 templates
  • Printing costs lowered, due to the reduction in the number of published documents with designing of multilingual communication on the same document
  • Increased effectiveness in operations and customer issue handling for front office