Case Study: Commercial Lending Process Automation at Bank Dhofar

Case Study

Commercial Lending Process Automation at Bank Dhofar

Download this case study to understand how Newgen’s robust BPM based platform helped Bank Dhofar smoothly transition their processes to an automated environment & gain competitive advantage.

Bank Dhofar is one of the fastest growing banks in Oman. They were focusing on developing their commercial lending business. While lending activities were at its prime, the bank witnessed increasing volumes of requests and the inherent complexity of processing commercial loans led to higher turnaround time. The client engaged Newgen to simplify the Commercial Lending Process.


  • Process Turnaround time improved by 75% – 80%
  • First-Time-Right (FRT) processing without errors improved by 90-95%
  • Adherence to SLAs and compliance improved by 90-95%
  • Employee productivity improved by 70%
  • Manual intervention reduced by 70%

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