Case Study: CCM Platform helps leading Specialty Insurance Group Improve User Experience with Multi-lingual Communication


CCM Platform helps leading Specialty Insurance Group improve User Experience with Multi-lingual communication

Organizational Overview 

This leading specialty insurance group runs business in over 150 countries worldwide with offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland, and has been underwriting for more than 100 classes of insurance.

Barriers to Growth 

The organization was unable to deliver timely and consolidated communication to customers over the preferred delivery channels. This was majorly due to the absence of a centralized communication framework to help automate document generation and customer communication.

How Newgen Helped Transform Processes 

Read this Case Study to find out how Newgen’s Customer Communication Management Suite helped the organization overcome these hurdles and move towards reduced operational costs, enhanced customer experience, increased operational efficiency, standardized communication, and improved security of customer data.

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