Case Study

Case Management Implementation for an Apex Government Organization

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About the Client

Established over 50 years ago, the organization serves as the legal advisor to the government of a Southeast Asian country and provides legal advice, legal drafting, and review services to the government. The client represents the government in court proceedings and negotiations, mediations, and other dispute resolution hearings related to public law litigation.

The Growth Barriers

The law firm was generating contracts, affidavits, pleadings, and routine judiciary forms in high volumes, which later became a difficult task to keep a track of all documents. Due to paper-based nature of work and excess manual intervention, operational processes were impacted.
Attorneys within the organization had to work with legal bodies of different countries and were unable to access confidential data and documents due to data security.
This posed a problem as the attorneys were unable to collaborate and work on cases simultaneously. They needed an easy to use, secure case management system to help ensure data integrity, security, and authenticity.

Improved, Efficiency, Collaboration and Increased Data Security with Newgen’s Case Management Framework

To streamline end-to-end processes, the client chose Newgen’s low code development platform, equipped with case management capabilities. The platform integrates various capabilities needed to build business applications, through its flagship products in intelligent digital automation (BPM) and contextual content services (ECM).
The implementation of a low code automation platform automated processes related to the management of legal cases, perpretation of legal advice, drafting laws, filing & storage of documents and content, document assembly and creation, generation of correspondences, and direct integration and synchronization with other productivity software. This helped in increasing the workforce productivity and enabled the attorneys to engage in more sophisticated data analytics and business intelligence.

Benefits Achieved

  • Efficient management of cases with dynamic assignment and task routing
  • Effective administration by enabling secure attorney authorization and structured case record classification
  • Better tracking and monitoring of cases with a chronological view of all requests
  • Improved flexibility, allowing attorneys to easily collect additional case data
  • Better tracking and monitoring of cases with a chronological view of all requests