Case Study

Automation of Inmate Records Management for US-based Public Safety Department

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This public safety department ensures the enforcement of law and security for one of the largest states in the US. The department had to deal with an overwhelming flow of documentation related to around 40,000 inmates under their supervision. They needed an enterprise content management (ECM) system to manage documents and get better access to inmates’ records.

Challenges Faced by the Organization

The client had to manage paper documentation related to around 40,000 inmates. Physical documentation was piling up, and this often made locating information on time a challenge.  The files were not up to date and paperwork would often be sitting idle for a long time before it was finally processed. This led to a longer turnaround time, and the lack of a secure system for managing records added to the challenges.

How Newgen helped lower costs and reduce the turnaround time

The client chose Newgen’s ECM suite, OmniDocs to manage end-to-end content, and save the time spent on locating, updating, and retrieving physical documents. The suite served as a centralized electronic records repository for all the documents related to 40,000 inmates and allowed them to quickly import and retrieve documents when needed. OmniDocs enabled the client to scan, index, and safely store all the paperwork. The suite’s imaging capability helped capture and store paper documents in an electronic format, thereby making it possible to share these documents quickly. The suite has been integrated with the department’s central portal to help the users access the inmates’ database. The solution has been rolled out to a user base of over 30,000 employees across departments, such as Human Resources, Legal Department, etc.