Enterprise Mobility

Pervasive enterprise mobility could be a challenge. But not if you leverage a Mobility Framework that banishes all kinds of disconnect.


Pasting mobile interfaces to disjointed processes in a long drawn enterprise mobility initiative doesn’t work. You need mobility, but it’s not the end goal. You need mobility to accomplish customer experience, responsiveness and productivity.

Organizations spend a lot of time and energy building mobile apps that do not deliver on the promise. Mobile becomes another stack to manage and most often ends up creating another weak link in an already disjointed enterprise.

You need a smarter approach to mobility, so that you can focus on outcomes. You need a framework that allows you to swiftly deliver configurable mobile apps and extend your business processes.

Brochure: Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework

Know how you can leverage NEMF to empower field agents with real-time information and allow them to make better decisions on-the-fly.


Enterprise Mobility - Whitepaper: Creating Smart Process Apps with Mobility

Whitepaper: Creating Smart Process Apps with Mobility

Get insights on BPM, Mobile, and Enterprise Application Equation


Enterprise Mobility - Whitepaper: Rapid Mobility

Whitepaper: Rapid Mobility

Understand the shift towards smart process applications. Develop and deploy enterprise scale mobile apps in three months