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Cloud computing has undoubtedly added new dimensions to the way businesses go about their daily chores. Redefining the role of IT influencers within an enterprise, Cloud deployment has created new avenues for cost-effective software delivery and development. As Cloud Computing gains momentum, there is much traction in the way it is altering the paradigm of ECM and BPM deployment and usage.

Newgen leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer resilient products and robust solutions. AWS – the world’s leading cloud services platform, with over 1 million customers, provides computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

Newgen’s cloud platform, powered by AWS, enables the world’s leading organizations across various verticals, such as Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Government and others, achieve breakthrough business results. Our cloud-ready products are available on private and public cloud and extend support for hybrid models. The AWS platform features from security, scalability, disaster recovery, compliance adherence, single-tenant to multi-tenant environments enable businesses to address today’s business challenges. And, with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability of the AWS platform, Newgen customers are modernizing their enterprise systems, accelerating process improvement initiatives and driving a competitive differentiation.

Banking & Financial Services
With extensive experience in BFSI, we have created a host of cloud-based solutions. Some of our solutions are – Online Account Opening (deposits and loans), Consumer Loan Origination, Commercial & Small Business Loan Origination, Trade Finance, Wealth Management Reporting, and Service Request Management. Leveraging these solutions, our customers have been able to achieve higher customer satisfaction, maximize operational efficiency, gain overall process visibility and become a compliance-driven organization.

Our solutions for Healthcare Payers enable them to effectively address challenges originating from regulatory compliance, enable contextual member engagement and overcome operational inefficiencies. By leveraging our solutions,  Healthcare organizations can manage appeals, grievances, provider disputes, along with inquiry for both Medicare and Medicaid line of business. We deploy our Intelligent Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Customer Communications Management suites to render solutions that are adaptable to specific requirements of Health Plans in the United States. Our wide range of solutions for Plans includes Provider Contracting, Appeals & Grievances, Mobile Medicare Enrollment, and Communication for Member Engagement.

Our solutions for the insurance industry have been designed to ensure end-to-end automation and centralization of key insurance processes. Using our solutions, our customers can integrate multiple point applications, ensure seamless information flow, maintain data integrity and thus, become a truly digital insurer. Some of our key solutions include New Business, Underwriting, Claims Processing, and Policy Servicing.

Newgen Products On Cloud  

Our OmniFlow iBPS is available on both private and public cloud environment to address the growing needs of both small and large enterprises. It is a scalable, secure and reliable way to access all the features of an intelligent BPM platform, without a significant capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. Leveraging capabilities of OmniFlow iBPS, our customers can easily re-engineer their business processes and speed up their delivery of innovative initiatives.

Our OmniDocs ECM Suite on Cloud is a cost-effective alternative to traditional document management. Our ECM Cloud Applications enable a seamless flow of content across an organization, allowing users to access content anytime-anywhere. It ensures foolproof disaster recovery of information; our customers can start with minimal investment and scale ECM application with ‘pay-as-you-go model’. The product also breaks silos and enables a seamless flow of information across geographically dispersed teams. And, comply with Enterprise-grade Service Level Agreements and major security and regulatory standards.


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