Multichannel Capture - MULTICHANNEL CAPTURE



Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Data Capture at Point of Service



Newgen OmniAcquire facilitates first-time-right capture of your critical business information from multi-function peripherals (MFPs), mobile devices, e-mails, fax, hot folders, scanners and the web. The platform enables on-demand capture at the point of service and offers workflow capabilities for efficient processing of content. Further, OmniAcquire provides you the flexibility to create workflows based on your business requirements and improve business cycle time.


Capture information from multiple sources
Enable multi-channel information capture at point of service. Further, allow users to capture process specific information for contextual processing of documents

Extract, Enhance and Transform the Captured Information
Enhance quality of scanned images using various image enhancement techniques. And, ensure quick data transmission with automatic image compression and cropping. To simplify the work of users, leverage features such as automatic document separation, Barcode, OCR and MICR extraction

Leverage Workflow Capabilities
Process information using flexible workflow capabilities. Control visibility of information and documents at different tasks in a workflow through rights-based access

Deliver Output to Multiple Channels
Deliver the captured information to any application/ system using the “Route to” feature. Store captured documents as searchable PDFs, allowing users to easily retrieve them

Ensure Consistent User Experience
Offer a consistent user experience across devices with the intuitive and easy to use user interface. Gain flexibility to perform operations from any device based on your availability and convenience

Secure Captured Content
Ensure security of the captured content through authentication, role-based access to business workflows and encryption

Get Detailed Insights
Generate drilled down, graphical reports for various parameters such as device utilization, workflow usage, turnaround time, and others

Increase Business Reach
Enable anytime-anywhere information capture and processing to improve business cycle time and customer services

Enhance Customer Experience
Ensure faster turnaround time through first-time-right content capture capability

Improve Information Security
Ensure complete information security with encrypted communication and multi-level authentication

Enhance Compliance
Ensure standardization through uniform information management policies and get detailed audit trail of content capture and delivery

Improve Productivity
Deliver vital information to existing business systems/ applications in the right time

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