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Communication Template Library

Design Engaging Communications with User-friendly and Ready-to-use Templates

Communication Template Library -

Our platform offers a wide array of simple, ready-to-use templates, best-suited for customer-facing communications. Leveraging these templates, you can create, update and manage communications in batches and generate interactive and on-demand communications.
You can roll-out personalized communications across multiple engagement channels by selecting the right font, adding images and message lines, enabling secured e-signatures, and embedding targeted marketing campaigns.


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Key Features

  • Import existing PDFs and translate word documents into designer templates
  • Create a master template and re-use it across all repositories
  • Import/ export designer templates for re-usability across users and environments
  • Check-in and check-out with base lining feature for version control
  • Read/ write templates as per defined roles and privileges and use maker-checker capability
  • Maintain a central repository of templates to sieve through a wide range of templates for perusal and usage
  • Process templates in different languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others

Key Benefits

  • Ensure Consistent Branding
    Choose templates from our extensive template library or create new template designs to ensure design consistency
  • Use Multiple Templates
    Design communications using templates for welcome letters, e-statements, consolidated e-statements, payment acknowledgements, promotional letters, and others
  • Delight Customers
    Deliver communications in customers’ preferred language be it English, Spanish, Portuguese or any other
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