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Communication Monitoring

Manage Customer Communication Lifecycle with Complete Process Visibility and Real-time Notifications

Communication Monitoring -

Maintain an oversight across your customers' communication lifecycle with our comprehensive dashboard and reports. Generate real-time reports and track delivery of communications across different channels such as print, email or archival. Further, the platform meets all your compliance and audit requirements by capturing and archiving detailed monitoring logs.


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Key Features

  • Track and monitor delivery of communications and get insights into successful, failed, or pending records across different channels such as print, email or archival
  • Apply filters on cycle, jobs or timestamps to generate dashboard data
  • Archive monitoring logs to meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Pause or resume a cycle of communications on-demand
  • Export monitoring data to different formats, such as in excel
  • Customize dashboard based on department/ business needs

Key Benefits

  • Track in Real
    Monitor and track every communication sent across various channels. View number of communications generated and their status – delivered, read, clicked and bounced
  • Take Corrective Actions
    Allow system users to easily control high volume batch generation needs by simply clicking on pause, retry, resume, stop buttons
  • Send Alert Notifications
    Provide automatic alerts and notifications to system users on generation and distribution status
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